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These are challenging times for corporations the world over. Competition is fierce since companies can no longer expect a huge windfall of competitive advantage from even a slight investment in IT. Today organizations must target their development effort to get the most out of every dollar invested in IT. Failure has never been an option; today maximum returns are the only option. That is why your organization needs Mastermind Media Corp. We are the rock upon which large systems integration projects are built. more details




Mastermind Media Corp. boasts the most dedicated team of developers. Our track record of successfully tackling the most complex systems integration projects has placed us at the forefront of business process engineering and systems integration. The process of systems integration can be difficult for corporate executives to manage. Companies often invest heavily in consultants and solutions that ultimately do not fit their needs or expectations. Mastermind Media Corp. does not waste client resources, we meet our customers stated goals. If your target should change during the course of development we are there to make sure the design adapts quickly and accurately. Capabilities Statement Mastermind Media Corp. is committed to attracting and retaining the most competent and experienced developers in the field. We offer a highly competitive and flexible working environment. If your skills put you at the leading edge of today’s technology and you are ready to play for the most elite team in the process management field. Contact us at:


What people want now: Data-driven insights 

Saturated in tech, people want their governments to provide data-driven insights that can improve civic services, including better disaster management.

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Brian Krzanich: Drones plus AI will power the next data revolution 

LAS VEGAS — According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, if you want to see the makings of the next data revolution, all you need to do is look up. “Look up” at drones, that is, Krzanich told the audience during his keynote at the InterDrone conference in Las Vegas. Drones possess the ability to capture...

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Initial AI projects should home in on pain points 

The hype around AI has reached decibel levels so high that CIOs may wonder why their organizations haven’t pulled off a bonafide AI project. Whit Andrews, analyst and AI agenda manager at Gartner, is of the mind that it’s way too early to be panicking over the role AI will play in enterprise IT strategies....

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Hurricane Harvey and the transformative power of commercial UAVs 

LAS VEGAS — For an example of the transformative role drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles, as they’re known in the industry — will play across industries, just consider, said Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, what happened after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas last week. “The hurricane response will be looked upon as...

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DevOps Barbarians at the Gate 

Like it or not, operations teams will need to learn how to code.

7 Habits of IT Pros That Might Surprise You 

SolarWinds survey provides insight into the lives of IT professionals.

Hyperconvergence's Missing Piece 

Hyperconverged systems don't do much when it comes to networking.

On-Prem IT Infrastructure Endures, Talent Needed 

451 Research finds companies maintaining data center capacity in the cloud era, but facing skills shortage.